Scorch Summer Collection 2017

What’s so special about Bluesky and Scorch anyway?

Bluesky and Scorch polish is a high quality gel nail polish, that is extra strong and long lasting, with a high gloss finish or stylish matte for something a little different!
There are 100’s of colours to choose from with different finishes – from gloss to matte, glitter to shimmer and neon to chrome. The choice is incredible!
We have many collections you can choose from that have been put together to perfectly compliment and contrast the colours. The collections are ideal if you love nail art but aren’t sure which colours work well together. We also have many accessories for your nail art including pens and rhinestones.
You will need a lamp to cure your polish. Bluesky and Scorch will cure with either UV or LED. Short on time? The incredible Professional LED Lamp will cure your Bluesky and Scorch nails in only 5 seconds. Amazing!
Of course you can’t have a perfect long lasting manicure without doing the prep first! Check out our nail care and accessories range so you make sure your hands and nails are beautifully prepared for your manicure.
When it’s time for a change you can remove your Bluesky and Scorch gel nail polish with traditional remover wraps or for more convenience and less time, try the revolutionary Scorch Nail Gel Remover.

Now you know what’s on offer make yourself a tasty drink, put on some cool music, then settle back on your comfy sofa and enjoy browsing our website. It’s all yours! 🙂

With hundreds of different shades to choose from we offer the BIGGEST selection of Bluesky and Scorch Gel Colours Anywhere!

Bluesky and Scorch is very popular because the high gel content makes the gel nail polish extremely resistant to chipping and peeling, and when applied correctly really does give you a 14 day manicure.

Why should you buy from Bluesky Gel Nail Polish UK?

  • We are OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTORS of  Scorch and Bluesky products – so you know you’re getting 100% Genuine Bluesky and 100% Genuine Scorch.
  • OVER 200 combined Scorch and Bluesky Gel colours to choose from – If it’s a Bluesky or Scorch colour you’re looking for, we’ll have it!
  • Bluesky and Scorch gel nail polish and accessories are perfect for salon or home use.
  • We have everything you need for perfect manicures, Nail Care, Base coat & Top coat, Accessories, Nail lamps, and of course loads and loads of beautiful shades to choose from in our gel polish collections!
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we pride ourselves on our excellent customers service – so ask us anything 🙂

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