7 Tips to a Perfect Scorch Manicure

  1. The 3 P’s

Prep, Prep and Prep some more!! Nothing works unless you plan and prepare properly. Make sure you have everything you need before you start: –

Trim, shape and buff your nails and don’t forget your cuticles. Then clean your nails thoroughly with Dehydrator. Any dust or fluff will spell disaster for your manicure.


  1. Shake, Rattle & Roll

Nail Gel is often left to stand for long periods and this can result in the product settling in different layers. Time to put on your favourite song and give it a good shake. Rolling it between your palms also works. This is especially important in cold weather to bring the gel up to room temperature. DON’T stand it in the sun or do your nails outside – you have guessed it; the sun will cure your gel.


  1. Thin is good

Don’t be tempted to slosh on a good thick coat…. You need less gel than you do nail polish.  It is far better to build up the colour (especially glitters in clear gel) with multiple coats rather than slap in on thick. Thin coats allow the gel to cure properly and give you a perfectly sleek finish. **Remember pale colours may appear thicker in consistency to reduce translucency**


  1. Don’t forget the Free Edge

A common mistake is not to run the brush over the free edge of the nail plate. This means that water or other liquids can get between your nail plate and your nail gel. A good long-lasting manicure means sealing the free edge of your nail.


  1. Clean as you go

Orange sticks are fantastic for cleaning off the excess gel that might have crept onto your cuticle or skin. Don’t forget to check this and clean BEFORE you cure. Once your gel is cured, it is much harder to remove…


  1. Don’t skimp on the cure

Many a good manicure has been ruined by using a poor lamp. UV Lamp bulbs degrade and need to be changed at least every six months. Under cured gel is horrible, causing the gel to peel easily within a few hours. LED Lamps are quick and last longer, of course the UV/LED Lamp is queen, 54W giving you a super-fast perfect finish.


  1. Pamper and Massage

Now that your nails look fab, it’s time to share the love with your hands. A good covering of cuticle oil massaged into your cuticles helps nourish your nails (A cuticle pen in the handbag is great to give your nails a daily treatment) Finally a good moisturising cream massaged in your hands will give you the perfect finish to your treat.

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