How to Apply Bluesky Gel Polish- Easy, Step by Step Tutorial

How to apply bluesky gel polish

Unlike some brands of nail polish, Bluesky Gel Polishes are perfectly suitable for home use and will give you professional results. With a little patience and practice, you can do salon quality manicures at home.

Here’s our easy, step by step instructions for how to apply Bluesky gel polish at home.

Things you will need

You will need:

  • Gel Nail Polish (any colour of your choice)
  • Bluesky Base Coat
  • Bluesky Top Coat
  • Nail File
  • Metallic Pusher or Orange wood Stick
  • Nail Cuticle Oil
  • Nail Cleanser or Alcohol Wipes

DO NOT APPLY Gel Nail Polish if your nails are:

  • peeling, damaged or splitting
  • are not thoroughly clean from other nail products such as previous nail polish or top coat.
Do not apply bluesky gel polish

BEFORE APPLYING Gel polishes at home, please consider the following:

  • The brand of gel polish. Some  Gel Polishes are not applicable for home use and are usually recommend to be applied by salon professionals only. They are not supposed to be distributed directly to home consumers. Unlike other brands, Bluesky Gel Polish is intended to be used by BOTH Professionals and for Home use. Both home users and salon can stock up with all the latest collections and their customer favourites.
  • The kind of Nail lamp you will be using. There are two types of Nail Lamp: UV or LED. Bluesky Gel will cure using LED or UV Nail lamps, although bear in mind that the LED lamps are faster and last much longer than the UV lamps if you intend to purchase a new nail lamp.


nail lamps

What’s the difference between LED and UV Lamps?

Both  nail lamps are safe to use and work well in curing gel nail polishes. However, they differ greatly in the curing time.

  • UV Nail lamps use UV bulbs that you can easily replace. They are cheaper than LED Nail Lamps with a curing time of average 120 seconds.
  • LED Nail lamps use LED bulbs. They last for around 15-20 thousand hours so never need replacing. Curing time would only takes from 5-30 seconds.

Now we already know the things to consider before application and what are needed, let’s go with the fun part!

Below are instructions for applying Bluesky Gel Polishes:


1. File nails into desired shape. Using a nail file, file the nails to the chosen shape and smooth their edges. Make sure to remove any previous polish, gel, or nail products. You can use a lint-free alcohol wipe or Nail Cleanser Solution to remove any dust or debris. It is very important to make sure your nails are oil-free.

file nails
shellac top coat

2. Apply one THIN layer of Bluesky Base Coat. The base coat is required to form a seal between the nail and the colour layers above. Base Coat also prevents gel polish stains on the nail and helps to give the polished nail an even texture. It is important that you leave a tiny gap of natural nail between the base coat and the cuticle and skin around the nail, as the colour must be sealed between a sandwich of base coat and top coat. Any contact between the gel polish and the skin will break the seal and cause the polish to peel after a while.

3. Cure your Base Coat using your Nail Lamp. Follow the instructions for your nail lamp to set the gel polish. It will still be slightly sticky, but that is normal.

curing base coat


1. Apply the 1st Layer of colour. Unlike the typical nail polish, gel polish only requires a one thin layer. This will ensure on giving the smooth signature mirror-like and smooth finish.

  • Remove the applicator brush and drain the excess product by wiping it against the bottle’s neck.
  • When applying stay parallel in the nail and apply it slightly away from the cuticle line. Start at the middle so you can easily even the polish.
  • Gently push the brush toward the cuticle line and glide down one side to the extension edge of the nail.
curing gel nail polish

2. Cure 1st Layer. Once you are done applying the first layer on nails, you can now cure them using your nail lamp.

3. Apply your second layer. Just repeat Steps 1 &2!

Bluesky shellac polish application
how to use-top-coat

4. Apply Final Coat. The final coat of polish is the Bluesky Top Coat. Like the coloured polish, you will only need to apply it thinly. Your top coat will act as sealer of the polish, prevents chipping and give the polish a beautiful shine.

5. Final Curing. To seal the deal, cure your top coat with the nail lamp. Curing your top coat takes the same time with your base coat and Bluesky polish.

cure gel polish
osmium cuticle oil

6. Wipe clean the nail using alcohol pads or Nail Cleanser Solution. After wiping, the polish should be dry, hard and not tacky. You can also apply cuticle oil or any moisturizer to prevent dryness and damage on the skin surrounding your nails.

DONE and Ready to go!

With little patience and practice, you can get great results with your Bluesky nails every time.


FAQ Section

Here's some FAQs on how to apply Bluesky Gel Polishes and maintain them that you may find helpful.

  • How long does Gel Polish lasts?
    Gel Nail Polish could last up to more than 14 days of superior color.
  • Why are my nails not getting properly cured?
    Again, this is the importance of knowing the type of nail lamp you are using. Know the difference in curing time between a UV or a LED Nail Lamp. Usually an advised curing time is included in the manual. Make sure also to check the bulb. If you are using an old nail lamp, chances are a bulb is out. Before application, make sure to shake your top/ base coat and gel polish.
  • Why won’t my top coat sticks properly on my nail?
    This is the importance of cleaning your nails during prepping. Make sure that your nails are free from dirt, dust and also oil to make the top coat sticks well with your nails.
  • Are the Application steps the same for pedicure?
    Yes, steps are also the same for your precious toe nails.
  • My gel polish completely peels off on the next morning, do you think it’s the base coat?
    Another suggestion is to apply very thin coats of colour, rather than a few thick coats. If the coat is too thick, then the curing does not occur properly (the light does not penetrate through the polish) and may contribute to the peeling.
  • Can I use Bluesky  gel polishes for nail arts and french nails?
    Of course you can! Gel Polishes are also preferred on doing nail art as you can easily build layers on any style you want. French manicure is also not a problem, like the common nail polish, you can do it with gel polishes while it look shinier and lasts longer. You can also experiment with gel nail polishes, just like Kat here who used glitters for her gel manicure!
How to Apply Bluesky Gel Polish- Easy, Step by Step Tutorial
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