How to Do Gel Nail Polish at Home

Gel Nail Polishes are in total rage these days. You can see these on Pinterest, Instagram and also having bloggers raging about them. They are practical as they are quick and also damage-proof.  There is nothing  worse than leaving the nail salon only to put a dent in your freshly-painted mani the minute you dig through your handbag to check for your phone and that’s probably the reason why gel nail polish was born. The process involves painting your nails with several coats of gel polish, each of which are set using UV light. They last chip-free with high-gloss shine longer (upto 12-14 days) compared to the traditional nail lacquers. Gel formula doesn’t gloop onto the nail too thick which is the key to a long-lasting manicure. Now you might think you can only achieve gel manicure in a salon but  it hasn’t been long since at-home gel manicure kits started popping up in drugstores and department stores. If you’re the type who wants to constantly re-do your nails for some reason and wants to take as little time as possible at the convenience of your own, Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide on Applying Gel Nail Polish at Home. 

Things you will need:

  • UV LAMP (LED or UV)
  • Gel Nail Polish (any colour of your choice)
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Nail File
  • Metallic Pusher or Orange wood Stick
  • Nail Cuticle Oil
  • Nail Cleanser or Alcohol  Wipes

Prepping the Nails

1. Trim and file the nails. Make sure to start with your natural clean nails to achieve the nail look you wanted- round, square, oval or pointy nails. Before cutting them, make sure to decide the shape you want. Once you have cut in the desired length and shape, file the tips for a cleaner look. Finally, lightly buff the surface of each nail with a buffer.

Prepping your nails by filing
Pushing Excess Nail Skin in the nail Bed using Pusher

2. Apply a cuticle remover around the base of your nails, push any skin off on your nail plate with an orange stick or cuticle pusher.

3. Cleanse your nails using a Nail Cleanser Solution or alcohol wipes. It is very important to make sure your nails are oil-free.


4. Apply Base Coat. Once your nail is all clean and prepped, apply a thin layer of Base Coat to each nail, starting at the cuticle and painting to the tip in even strokes. Base coat will protects the nail from the damaging effects of nail polish.

5. Cure your nails under the UV or LED light for the allotted time. This will save more time in drying.

54W UV Nail Lamp

Applying the Gel Nail Polish

1. Apply your first layer, it may be streaky but that is normal. Make sure to use these colored layers to paint over the tip of your nail as well as over the surface. This will keep the gel from curling back off your nail.Make sure to thre is a 1 mm of basecoat still left uncovered at tip, at the the cuticle end and the sides of the nail. Use only thin layer of gel polish.

Applying first layer of Bluesky gel Polish
Cure your nails using nail lamp after first coat

2. Cure your nails under the UV or LED light for the allotted time.

3. Apply your second layer of bluesky gel polish in the same way and cure them again in your LED or UV lamp .

Applying second layer of Bluesky gel Polish

3. Apply your second layer of bluesky gel polish in the same way and cure them again in your LED or UV lamp .

No Wipe Top Coat by Scorch

4. Apply a thin coat of top coat. The top coat will acts as a sealer to the colored polish. For the last time, put your hands under the UV or LED light to cure the nails to let the top coat set properly.

5. When your gel polish have already dried, apply cuticle oil or any moisturizer to prevent dryness and damage on the skin surrounding your nails.

Apply cuticle oil or any moisturizing product
Bluesky Gel Nail Polished Nails with Shellac Finish

All done and now you are ready to flaunt those Perfect Shiny Shellac-Style Nails!

  • 10 Orange Wood Sticks

    10 Orange Wood Sticks

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  • 30 piece - Acetone Gel Removal Wraps

    30 piece – Acetone Gel Removal Wraps

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  • 54W UV Nail Lamp

    54W UV/LED Nail Lamp

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  • Apple Cuticle Oil Pen

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  • Metal Cuticle Pusher

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  • Top Coat and Base Coat by Scorch

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