6 Post-COVID Tips for Nail Professionals

The day has finally arrived and you are ready to welcome back your first client. Here are six quick tips to make sure your Post COVID treatments are a major success.

  1. Accept Card Payments – Post COVID cash in not king. Physical contact increases risk so think seriously of using “Tap” payment technology. Don’t forget to include your Payment Terminal during your cleaning regime.
  2. Routine is Good – Develop a cleaning routine for your work station so that everything is cleaned. A tick sheet can be a great marketing tool to help to reassure your customers that you are completing a complete clean before each new customer
  3. Watch your Waste – Paper, lint free wipes and other disposables can make a bid for freedom. Why not keep a mini waste bag for each customer which you can seal and dispose of, keeping your waste for each customer separate, safe and secure?
  4. Value you service – Cancellations can cause a huge loss of revenue and missed appointments cannot be recovered with no waiting allowed. Now, with demand high is the time to implement a booking deposit scheme to help stop cancellations.
  5. Aftercare and Retail – Don’t forget to upsell. Customers may be forced into waiting longer between appointments. Make sure they have products for home care to keep their nails in immaculate condition
  6. You – are the most important asset to your business. Take care of yourself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting your rest. Present yourself as a professional, alert and happy nail professional. Don’t burn yourself out.
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