Nail Lamps

Nail Lamps

Nail Lamps – LED & UV Nail Lamps

Our nail lamps are perfect for curing Bluesky Gel Nail Polish and other brands of gel or Nail Lampsshellac nail polish suitable for UV or LED lamps.

It’s Your Choice!

Our quality 36 watt UV Nail Lamp is perfect for curing Bluesky and other gel or shellac nail polishes and is our lowest priced unit.

The 12 watt LED Nail Lamp cures Bluesky gel polish faster than the UV lamp and can be used with any nail polish brand that is suitable to cure with LED light.

Our ultra smart 36 watt Professional LED Lamp cures in only 5 seconds! Amazing!!

  • All lamps have timers so you don’t have to watch the clock!
  • Versatile – They can be used with other brands of gel or shellac polish that are suitable for UV or LED curing.
  • Lamps are fitted with a UK plug. No need to worry about buying batteries.
  • UV bulbs can be replaced.
  • LED bulbs last for around 15-20 thousand hours so never need replacing.
  • All lamps are ideal for manicures and pedicures.
  • Instructions included and they are simple to use.
  • Includes 6 months guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

*Please note that CND shellac requires a UV lamp, and will not cure under LED lamps.
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