All That Glitters


by Scorch Bluesky

Pink Champagne

Light Pink Chunky Glitter

In stock

Atop The Tree

Green Glitter

In stock

Lilac Ritz

Lilac Purple Chunky Glitter

In stock

Rose Gold

Clear Rose Gold Chunky Glitter

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Patience - A fine silvery ice-blue glitter chunky glitter.

In stock


You will receive 5 shades:

Pink Champagne, Patience, Atop The Tree, Lilac Ritz and Rose Gold

  • Superior gloss finish
  • Will not scratch chip or peel for 14 days
  • Requires UV or LED Lamp to cure
  • Fully tested and EU approved

By Scorch Bluesky

Bottle Size: 10ml (0.33 fl oz)

Product Number: S06N 1005, SC073, S08N, S10N Z05, S13N Z02

All That Glitters
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