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Antique Chrome Polish

Fall in love with this stunning yellow shade in a modern chrome effect that gives you that sophisticated vibe. From the Chrome Collection.

*Chrome Collection Application Instructions*
1. Prep nail as per normal. It is very important to ensure you have a very smooth surface. The Metallics range will show up any abnormalities in the nail surface very distinctly. If applying over enhancements then ensure that the surface is buffed smoothly.
2. Apply Bluesky base coat, cure 1 min LED or 2 min UV
3. Apply 1 thin coat of the Silver Chrome Base Layer (MT00) and allow settle on the nail for 1 minute until a mirror effect forms across the nail.
4. Once the mirror has formed cure for 1 minute in an LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV.
5. Apply a 2nd thin coat of the MT00 base and again wait for the polish to settle and cure 1 min LED or 2 mins UV
6. If you are wanting a Silver metallic look then just apply Top- Coat and cure 1 min LED or 2 mins UV, this colour is not meant to be used on its own so will dull slightly after applying top coat.
7. However,if you want a coloured metallic look, apply a thin coat of one of the other colours from the Chrome range and cure 1 min LED or 2 mins UV
8. If desired apply a 2nd coloured coat and cure as before.
9. Apply top coat and cure 1 min LED or 2 mins UV

“Antique Chrome” By Bluesky

Bottle Size: 10ml (0.33 fl oz)

Product Number: MT11

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