Opulence Collection


by Scorch Bluesky

Night Glimmer

Warm Dark Chocolate Brown Shade with Shimmer

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Tinted Love

Shimmering Burgundy Shade

Out of stock

Steel Gaze

Black Base with Silver Glitter

Out of stock

Blue Rapture

Deep Blue Shade

Out of stock

Dark Dahila

Extremely Dark Purple/Almost Black Shade

In stock

Burnt Romance

Warm Dark Brown Shade

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You will receive 5 shades:

Night Glimmer, Tinted Love,  Dark Dahila, Blue Rapture, Steel Gaze and Burnt Romance

  • Superior gloss finish
  • Will not scratch chip or peel for 14 days
  • Requires UV or LED Lamp to cure
  • Fully tested and EU approved

By Scorch Bluesky

Bottle Size: 10ml (0.33 fl oz)

Product Number: 556 1030, 557 0976,  559 1460, 558  560 1232, 561 0341

Opulence Collection
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