Acetone Gel Removal Wraps


Pre Soaked Acetone Gel Polish & Shellac Removal Wraps to Take Off Shellac & Gel Polish Safely, Quickly & Easily!
Box of 200

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The gel polish removal wraps are formulated to safely and easily remove all Shellac and Gel polishes. The Pre Soaked Acetone Removal Wraps have integrated cotton pads that limit fingers and skin exposure to acetone by keeping it pinpointed on just the nail. Now you can safely remove shellac or gel nail polish at home.

Directions: File away the top coat to expose the coloured layers of the gel polish layer on the nails, allowing the acetone to penetrate the layers beneath. This softens the gel and makes it easier to remove the Shellac or gel nail polish. Open one wrap and gently insert your nail. Fold over and secure the pad in place over the nail. Make sure that the acetone pad is in contact with the nail. Wait 10 minutes, and then remove the wrap from just one nail at a time, and use an orange stick to push off the softened gel. Then proceed to the next nail. Do not remove the gel polish removal wraps from all the nails at the same time, as the gel polish will start to set again once the wraps are removed.

1 box contains 200 wraps

Acetone Gel Removal Wraps
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