The Brides Wedding Nails Set


by Scorch

Cream Puff

Natural Creamy White Shade

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Soft Salmon Pink with Shimmer

In stock


Clear Soft Pink Shade

In stock


Clear Polish with Iridescent Shards of Glitter

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Silver VIP Status

Silver Translucent Glitter Shade

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Silver Diamante Rhinestone Wheel

Includes shapes such as pear, round, navette, triangles, stars, droplets, hearts, squares, 3D diamonds

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You will receive 5  shades:

Cream Puff, Romantique, Skinny, Zillionaire and Silver VIP Status by Scorch

FREE Set of Diamante Wheel

  • Superior gloss finish
  • Will not scratch chip or peel for 14 days
  • Requires UV or LED Lamp to cure
  • Fully tested and EU approved

By Scorch

Bottle Size: 10ml (0.33 fl oz)

Product Number: 501 0772, 504 1146, A050 1204, 527 1312, 535 1319

The Brides Wedding Nails Set
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