Tropix and Romantique Nail Polish Duo


by Scorch


Naturally Vibrant Coral Shade

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Clear Soft Pink Shade

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2 Beautiful Nail Polish Colours and 1 Great Price

Tropix Shellac Nails UV Shimmering Gel Nail Polish in a dramatic shade of red makes the perfect partner for the soft, pale Romantique in a delicate shade of pink.

Our Duo Colour Range  has been designed to put complimentary colours together for a beautiful effect and to save you money.

You will receive:

1 bottle of Tropix Gel Nail Polish

1 bottle of Romantique Gel Nail Polish

  • Will not scratch chip or peel for 14 days.
  • Drys under UV or LED Lamp.
  • Shimmering shine finish.
  • Fully tested and EU approved.

By Scorch

Bottle Size: 10ml  (0.33 fl oz)

Product number: 505 0069, 504 1146

Tropix and Romantique Nail Polish Duo
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