Top 5 Summer Nail Care Tips at Home

Summer nail care

Top 5 Summer Nail Care Tips at Home

Summer is definitely NOT the time to hide your nails. Whether you’re hitting the beach, heading to a pool party or camping in the woods, we know your nails should always look fabulous this summer. Because summer means sandals. And sandals mean exposed toes. With the warm season in full swing, we need to think a little more and take steps to enhance our summer nail care routine.

So, here are our Top 5 Summer Nail Care Tips at Home you can do to look after your nails this summer when you don’t have time to get into the salon!

1. Protect your nails.
When you’re hitting the beach you take the time to slather products to protect your skin, so why not do the same for your nails? If you want to protect your nails in an easy and effective way, wearing nail polish will be the best solution. Not only do UV rays dry your nails out, but any over exposure to them can be harmful to your health.

TIP: Always try to keep your summer nails and hands lubricated with moisturisers and make a bedtime routine to re-apply your moisturiser or oil.


2. Nourish your nails.
Did you know that too much exposed sunlight can dehydrate your nails? It’s true! Lack of moisture or natural oils makes our nails go dry and brittle. A good summer nail care is to keep nourishing them by using a moisturising lotion or hand cream once you have washed your hands with soap or after you have used detergent for washing clothes.

TIP: One good Summer nail care tip is to avoid acetone and harsh nail polish removers as they can dry out your nails. Instead, look for gentle and nourishing nail polish removers.

3. Watch your diet.
Beauty on the inside depends on the amount of water we take in a day. Drink plenty of water (approximately 8-10 glasses a day) and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (ideally fresh) if you want your nails to be nourished from within. You must care for your nails during the summer. Nails also require nourishment and care during the summer season.

TIP: Do not ignore the ridges forming on your nails. This may be a sign that you may be suffering from an acute deficiency of calcium and vitamin D. Include carrot juice, blueberries and strawberries in your diet as they prevent the cuticles from drying. Another nail care tip is to massage the nails with olive or almond oil.


4. Strengthen your nails.
With all the time your nails are exposed to sunlight, it can take toll on your nails making them dry and brittle. It is important to strengthen your nails, especially long nails. You can use nail supplements to protect your nails from chipping and breaking and build their strength, or you can work from the inside out.

5. Find your perfect Summer colour.
Summer is all about colours so find the best one for you. Take your time as the choice is endless! To avoid nails becoming discoloured by strong nail varnish pigments, always apply a base and top coat. This way, the polish will also last more than a week.

TIP: Avoid applying nail polish before bedtime: Have a time gap of two hours when your nails have dried up after application of nail polish and when you are about to sleep. This will make your manicure last longer.


Pick something vibrant and youthful, and you can’t go wrong! Here are a few of our top picks:

Top 5 Summer Nail Care Tips at Home
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